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We clean air ducts and carpets for health conscious


The Importance of Cleaning Air Ducts

  1. Improved HVAC system efficiency, leading to lower energy expenses.
  2. Enhanced air flow due to the removal of obstructions and debris.
  3. Cost savings on expensive repairs.
  4. Reduced dust build-up throughout your home.
  5. Healthier air to breathe.

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Why Clean Your Dryer Vents

Having your dryer vents cleaned regularly is very important because of the high risk of fire due to highly flammable dry lint. During our deep cleaning process, we'll be able to determine whether your dryer vent just needed a good cleaning. For a quick and affordable dryer vent cleaning, call (484) 750-2727
  • Avoid a common fire hazard caused by lint build up
  • Avoid expensive repairs
  • Improve energy efficiency, which saves you money
  • Save time because laundry is getting done sooner
It is recommended that you have a furnace cleaning and a furnace service at least once a year to keep it from malfunctioning or losing performance. However, a lot of people wait until there's a problem to call a technician.

Carpet Cleaning Services

What We Do - Carpet Cleaning & More

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Are your carpets stained or discolored? We can make your carpets look new again!
Upholstery Cleaning

Professional furniture cleaning from the best upholstery cleaners.
Stain Removal
Scuffs, stains, blemishes, dirt, grime—it’s simply no match for our cleaning professionals.
Pet Odors

Carpet and upholstery should be periodically sanitized and deodorized.
We are so sure of our process that we promise that you will get results. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will do whatever we can to satisfy you. We will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Safe for Pets and Children

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Quickly and efficiently
  • Complete and Lasting Deep Clean

Pressure Washing Services

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Duct Planet is excited to add residential pressure washing to our growing list of home services! Whether you are preparing to sell your home and need to improve the curb appeal, or just want to freshen things up, we can help. We use a safe and effective process that will have your neighbors green with envy and your home beaming with pride!

It's easy to overlook the importance of cleaning your sidewalks. They are one element that makes up people's first impression of your home. They slowly accumulate dirt, grime, and stains and become very tired-looking. Cleaning your sidewalks is a laborious task and one best left to the professionals. Our teams utilize the best tools available with expert knowledge of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to bring life back to your walkways.

For the homeowner concerned with properly caring for and maintaining their home, regular cleaning of the driveway is a must. This is a great way to make sure no unwanted guests are being tracked into the home. Over the years, the elements will take their toll on your driveway. From greasy stains and tire marks to natural grime build-up, left unattended, driveways can become an eyesore. Our technicians make use of top-of-the-line pressure washing equipment to get the job done right the first time. Using the proper temperature of water, pressure, and pro-grade surface cleaners at our disposal, you will be amazed at the difference.
Include a yearly pressure washing for your patio and deck to take care of this investment. A typical patio should last 20 years with proper care. Let us help maintain your investment, and create an inviting space you can't wait to show off to your friends!

Our Price:
no partial cleaning

HVAC Services:
Air Duct Cleaning
All supply vents serviced , Full-home, 3-point HVAC inspection, Filter check, Mold inspection, One return vent, One main duct
Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning
Unlimited vents, one return vent, one main duct, furnace check up, up to 6 feet of the dryer vent.
Dryer Vent Cleaning Set
Up to 6 feet of the Dryer Vent Cleaning and Inspection
Chimney Sweep Set
Up to 10 feet of Chimney Cleaning and Inspection.
Dryer Vent Cleaning and Chimney Sweep
Up to 6 feet of the Dryer Vent Cleaning and Inspection, Up to 10 feet of Chimney Cleaning and Inspection.
Duct, Dryer and Chimney Cleaning
Up to 6 feet of the Dryer Vent Cleaning and Inspection, Up to 10 feet of Chimney Cleaning and Inspection, All supply vents serviced, One return vent, One main duct

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet 5 Room
Professional Carpet cleaning up to 5 rooms/500 sq feet
Carpet 3 room
Professional Carpet cleaning up to 3 rooms/250 sq feet
Professional upholstery cleaning for one sofa ( Two side minimum)
Pet stain removal
Pet stain removal treatment for three areas

Power washing services:
Up to 1000 sq feet property/ one side vertical exterior power washing
Up to 1500 sq feet property/one side vertical exterior power washing
Up to 2500 sq feet property/one side vertical exterior power washing
Patio power washing up to 100 sq

Driveway power washing up to 150 sq

Front porch, sideways, walkways power washing up to 100 sq
Disinfecting and sanitation:
Disinfecting and sanitation Services for Residential or Commercial Areas 250 Square Feet
Disinfecting and sanitation Services for Residential or Commercial Areas 500 Square Feet
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